Thursday, April 7, 2011


Morgane Batista has channeled the elements for these awesome new poses she made! The first set of poses shown here are exclusive for the winner of the My Face Model Pool Model Search of the year! They will be available to the public in the summer.

There are 4 poses in each set called Water, Earth, Fire and Air. I'm a big fan of Morgane's poses because they move so smoothly and look very natural. These are just beautiful!

This set called Elemental 2 is out now in her store!
This pose set contains Earth 2,Fire 2,Air 2 and Water 2.

Visit her store for this set and all her other wonderful fab poses!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


P10 Shoes are definately making things a little more sexy and chic around SL! Here are 2 more pairs of the Serenity Heels Line in Paisley and Denim. I LOVE the denim since it has that rich bluish/purple color to it with a glossy sheen. And don't forget, with just a click on the shoe a menu pops up and you can customize it how you want! Definately check them out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Plaid Berry1/Business Woman/Winter Charm/Spicy Leo 1

During one of my shopping sprees I discovered Gizza Creations. I immediately loved the fact that you can buy these already well put together outfits. From head to toe, they even include boots/shoes and the jewelry (just wish some of the jewelry had a no bling option) But not to worry, if you like to mix and match, the second floor offers many tops and bottoms. I have to say, these outfits are very detailed and fit very well with minimal adjustments ( at least on my avi) I especially LOVE the rocker look of Spicy Leo. It even has an ipod in the pocket of the vest!
This is a great store to get more bang for your buck so go check it out!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey all you shoe addicts out there, A new brand of shoes popped up on the grid and they are from Purrfect 10 (P10) I have to say, the quality is very very good. Each pair has a menu that gives you tons of options such as changing almost every part of the shoes texture and 20 nail colors. Above are 4 samples of the shoes they offer

from left to right:
Amara Heels in Leather Cream
Serenity Heels in Leopard (Vip Gift)
Isabelle Boots in Autumn Copper
Serenity Heels in Patent White

Definately a store worth checking out!!